Vlooper & Modlee – Analog Love [FREE DOWNLOAD]

AnaloG LovE is a dusty romance. So what about this knick-knack? Neosoul of compact appearence furred with dewy blanket with fibres of Gabrielle Modlee’s sweet vocal. That the album sounds like one big city romance, a memory of fleeting summer love in dusty downtown? It’s no wonder, cause Mrs. Modlee is Vlooper’s wife. This is the hip-hop for all the surf boys.

Vlooper releases in cooperation with its homebrand Tout´nou and Gergaz its latest, seventh beattape Analog Love. Beautiful, heartfelt and dreamy neo-soul recordings and the irredeemable voice of his wife Gabrielle Modlee just simply would not leave you unmoved, this is really dope. Analog Love is free to download so enjoy and share with pleasure.

Vlooper & Modlee – Analog Love:
GERGAZ SOURCE: http://gergazrec.net/musicdata/Vlooper_&_Modlee_-_Analog_Love_(GNL012)_2010.rar
TOUT’NOU SOURCE: http://www.divshare.com/download/13013754-248

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