Shapeless Shadow – From Static to the Stars

Shapeless Shadow is an electronic musician/composer from Brooklyn, New York who incorporates a wide range of musical elements into a unique blend of synthesized and modulated sound. His music draws influence from many experimental and IDM electronic artists of the past, as well as avant-garde photographers and filmmakers. Flowing keyboard arpeggios and ambient melodic soundscapes help contrast his obsession for complex drum layering and spastic composition nature. The result is a sound that is seemingly dysfunctional but altogether coherent. “From Static to the Stars” is his first release for Gergaz.

This undoubtedly talented guy has been interested in music since a very young age. However, he’s only been actively working in the music industry for less than 2 years and today offers his first EP – From Static to the Stars through GERGAZ. Brian (Shapeless Shadows) doesn’t deny various influences in his music and admits that he wanted to create a complete work with seemingly high volume of unrelated composition elements. He intends not to have a „first plan“ impression on the listener which he seems to have achieved. Enjoy this beautiful music mosaic and download it free from our websites

FREE DOWNLOAD [GNL013] Shapeless Shadow – From Static to the Stars:

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