Machov remix na Digital Sensation UK

Label Digital Sensation UK je zameraný na progressive breaks, na poslednom releasi sa nachádza aj Machov remix.

Originál je od srbského producenta Fletric. Remixovali EK z Austrálie, Retroid z Maďarska a Macho zo Slovenska. Release je dostupný v každom dobrom eshope ako Beatport, Itunes, Junodownload …


Zopár minirecenzií zo zahraničia:
Line of Sight (Morphosis Records, Dead Famous)
What a stunning package from DSUK..The original mix is absolutely fantastic – great atmosphere, tight drum programming with some very interesting edits and just the right dose of glitchy goodness. EK remix is also amazing!  Retroid did an absolutely outstanding job once again, he is one of my favorite producers and I think this remix shows why! Macho remix is also a very nice proggy tune! Which one to support? I think all of them :)

Llupa (Disc Breaks Show on NSB Radio)

Loving the original on this – no idea who the bloke is – but I do know it’s quality. Great groove, broken up really nicely with clever, not over done, edits – really cool tune; etroid takes it much deeper, with a really head down, slow build take; EK lifts the groove of the 
original and steps it up, building through the tune; Macho takes a straighter, quite proggy approach. Great variation on this release. The original tips it for me, it’s got a 
really fresh vibe and I will be keeping an ear out for other Fletric tunage. The other remixes are quality too and will no doubt get a good rinsing as well – great work DSUK“

Future Perfect Records

This IS the best release yet from DSUK! All 4 tracks blow my mind. Great  producers original to remix. Flectric, EK, Retroid,  Macho for me!!. Solid work.
Ghettface (Ridiculoud Records) 
Fantastic release!  EK mix is my favorite, but the original and other remixes are superb as well

Karton (Sound of Habib, Vacation Records)

EK and Retroid remixes are great – whole package is solid.