Brabeats, Ear Drum Kru a In:formation na Records

Nové ep na Records obsahuje čisto slovenskú produkciu. Release je skutočne pestrý, nájdete tu prvky breakbeatu, dubstepu, ale aj reggae či downtempa.

Release s názvom Something to beat je od formácie Brabeats, ktorú tvoria Macho a MdC. Je to ich druhý release, prvý vyšiel pod americkým labelom Flextone Recordings. O dubstepový remix sa postarali dobre známi Ear Drum Kru, ktorí majú na konte už pár albumov. Trochu pokojnejší remix pridala formácia In:formation, ktorá hráva triphop a downtempo.

Release je distribuovaný cez Symphonic distribution a nájdete ho v cca 30 eshopoch po celom svete, napr. itunes, junodownload, trackitdown… Kompletný zoznam eshopov a biografie interpretov nájdete na webe

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Brabeats – Something to beat [BRSK003] by Records

O krátke zhodnotenie releasu sme poprosili aj zopár producentov a djov zo zahraničia:

Grigoris Savidis aka Pale Penguin (VIM Records Label Manager)
For me this is the best release on BREAKS.SK so far!!! the original is great i loved that dub feeling on this one and the way that all sounds so clear and powerfull, both remixes are also excellent…..EDK at the electronica/dub styleee and IN:FORMATION simply one of the best downbeat/breakbeat remixes i’ve listened to the last months……

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks)
Like the Original best from this one!

Curl and Dean (Biq Square Records, Break Wind Show on
Interesting Promo, the original sounds like it would work well in a Soundtrack for a film.The Ear Drum Crew remix is dubtastic, loving the reggae feel to this one, nice be a sunshine and this will be nice to play outside on a huge big bass system. In:formation remix, nice peice of Down tempo breakbeat there, will be putting this on my ipod for sure. Overall a very varied promo, i kinda like them all in different ways.

Andrea Lai (VIM Records, Erase Records, MantraVibes)
Hey, thanx for the promo!! Loving the EDK remix will surely play it out!! Keep em coming! AndreA

DJ Ratling (
Thanks for sending this over the ear drum crew remix is big … love the bassline & dubbed out vibe & when it drops it drops nice def getting support from me . big ups ratling

DVNT (Mantis Radio /
The original is a dubbed up breaks track with lots of space and swing for the beats. Got a South American vibe going on, desert carnival maybe. The first of 2 remixes of the original track is from In:formation. Keeping a lot of of the swing and space of the original, adding in a bolder sub, giving it a stripped back slightly tech feel. The 2nd remix is from the Ear Drum Kru and pushes the original into more breakstep territory adding in a skanking vibe. Should be a good one for the summer. have a good summer tracks package here. I think for me the In:formation remix is my favourite with the Ear Drum Kru remix being the popular one for the festivals.

SHROOMBAB (High Tension, Dubkraft,
wow, like this very much ;) it’s more dubstep than breaks though ;) the eardrum remix is especially nice and my favourite, because it has some slight rhythm changes inside, the bass is very deep, and the vocals fit in nicely.

KICKFLIP (Fat! , En:vision, Beat Industries)
Ear Drum Kru remix for me! Not what I’d play out but a nice mellow dubstep number with some proper dub vibes!

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