ARS ELECTRONICA featured at Automobil Forum Unter den Linden

Poetry in Motion – A Synthesis of Art, Technology and Science

ARS ELECTRONICA, one of the world’s top names in digital art and media, is making its first appearance at VW’s showcase venue in Berlin, Automobil Forum Unter den Linden. “Poetry in Motion,” an exhibition created especially for the German capital, will run June 25-September 5, 2010. The works that comprise it constitute a fascinating synthesis of art, technology, science and socio-cultural development.

“Poetry in Motion” features kinetic artworks that present mechanical motion as an aesthetic experience. These are interactive installations—visitors are invited to engage in hands-on encounters and marvel at the magical moments that result. Here, technology isn’t the usual means-to-an-end, but rather a medium conveying beauty, elegance, grace and charm. Artistic machines created by 10 artists from Europe, Japan and the USA tell stories that make this exhibition a fascinating experience. Thoroughly grounded knowledge of scientific principles in fields ranging from physics to programming languages and robotics provide artists with a whole new way to approach art—through interplay with the rapid progress being made in science and research.
ARS ELECTRONICA is headquartered in Linz, Austria. Since 1979, it has hosted a wide-ranging process of artistic-scientific inquiry that includes speculative designs of future realities, philosophical debates, and analytical scrutiny of current developments. Today, ARS ELECTRONICA consists of four divisions: an avant- garde festival, a prize competition, a museum with an educational mission, and a media art R&D lab. In this quadripartite configuration, the reciprocal inspiration of artistic, technical and scientific competence opens up new and surprising ways of seeing things as well as highly innovative possibilities for collaboration.

Volkswagen’s Automobil Forum Unter den Linden, in light of its substantive and conceptual orientation, is a most appropriate setting for ARS ELECTRONICA’s first exhibition in Germany. This high-profile venue is a showroom of mobility—here, Volkswagen AG showcases its Bentley, Bugatti, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen and Volkswagen Utility vehicles—as well as a place of encounters in which visitors experience an interesting lineup of photographic, artistic and scientific exhibitions.
Poetry in Motion – An Exhibition by ARS ELECTRONICA Automobil Forum Unter den Linden Unter den Linden 21, 10117 Berlin Opening hours: Monday through Sunday, 10 AM-8 PM Admission is free of charge.